Abu Khader Group was founded in 1937, under the leadership of the late Nicola Abu Khader, Who established, developed and managed the automotive and auto parts business hand in hand with his brothers Salim and Yousef, until he was joined by the second generation.

Over the past decade, Abu Khader Group has become one of the leading automotive dealerships in Jordan. In today’s highly competitive and dynamic automotive marketplace, Abu Khader Group continues to offer competitive packages that cater to wide range of customer appeal.

Abu Khader Group is the exclusive dealer & distributor of various world leading passenger and commercial vehicle brands in Jordan including Cadillac, GMC, Chevrolet, BMW & Mini Cooper. Not only does the Group serve the Jordanian market in car dealership, but also has extended its operation to the West Bank. Abu Khader group is the exclusive car dealer for Mitsubishi automotive, which embraces its full range of Mitsubishi vehicles, including passenger cars & light pickups.

Abu Khader Group has many conveniently located showrooms, in western Amman, showcasing the latest in automotive technology and designs for all of its above mentioned brands, thus making a vehicle’s purchase a very enjoyable and positive experience.